Terror incidents highlight need for disaster contingency planning

The recent tragic terrorist incidents in London and Manchester bring home the sad fact that in these times, disaster can strike any of us at any time.

21 June 2017

Ambulance workers win holiday pay for “shift overruns”

Ambulance workers have succeeded in their claim for holiday pay for “shift overruns” – non-guaranteed overtime that they were obliged to perform. But they were not successful in their claim for holiday pay in respect of purely voluntary overtime.

21 June 2017

Steep fall in net EU migration could cause recruitment problems

Net in-migration from the EU8 (eight former Eastern European states) fell to 5,000 in the year to December 2016. This was due to a fall in people coming in (down from 73,000 to 48,000) and an increase in people leaving the UK (up from 27,000 to 43,000).

21 June 2017

Sustainability - what the big boys are doing

Find out what some of the biggest brands on the high street are doing to address their sustainability impacts…

21 June 2017

Manufacturing company fined £500,000

Encirc Ltd of Enniskillen, a glass bottles producer for the drinks industry, failed to take effective measures to ensure its workers were correctly segregated from Fork Lift Trucks.

21 June 2017

Don’t say no!

With summer fast approaching and universities, colleges and schools breaking up, many organisations will be contemplating employing a young person over this period. It’s easy to say no, or it’s too much hassle. However we need young people to be offered opportunities...

21 June 2017

Prevention is better than cure

Carrying out scheduled health and safety inspections of premises, plant & equipment and employee behaviours have significant benefits and will give you the assurance that you are keeping on top of health and safety.

21 June 2017

Employment uncertainty could put brakes on SME expansion

The general election is just the latest factor to contribute to the relatively uncertain business climate in the UK.

08 June 2017

Health, safety and remote working

With the rise of remote working and a distributed workforce, what health and safety risks does this pose to employers and employees?

23 May 2017

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