Managing Conflict & Resolving Difficult Workplace Issues

Managing difficult employees, handling disagreement and managing conflict in the workplace can be daunting. Dealing with underperforming employees,providing negative feedback and addressing poor employee attitudes are just some of the challenges facing a people manager. This practical course is designed to equip you with a range of skills and techniques which you can use to resolve difficult workplace issues and improve relationships when things go off track.


  • Sources and reasons of conflict and the impact on the workplace

  • Insight into your own behavior styles and preferences

  • Listening and questioning skills and techniques

  • How to confidently give feedback

  • Practical tools and techniques to build your confidence in effectively dealing with difficult people and underperforming employees

  • Developing and implementing practical solutions to resolve and improve negative workplace issues


  • Improve employee morale and team working

  • Deliver positive impact in terms of employee productivity and quality of output

  • Improve employee engagement, rapport and relationships

  • Reduce the number of incidents which escalate into employment disputes or litigation claims


1 day


£248 + VAT

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