DP Leisure

DP Leisure operates children's play centres under the name 360 Play and employs 140 people cross its four sites round the country. The roles that the company requires are diverse, from accounts to planning and brand.

The business joined Mentor in 2008, initially choosing its Health & Safety Service. However, as Business Development Manager Adam Skinner explains, it soon saw the value of Mentor's Employment Law & HR Service when it had to pay £10,000 in legal costs just to make a successful defence against a Tribunal claim.

“We took over another business and experienced what must be a common challenge when taking on legacy staff
which is reviewing and managing performance issues,” explains Adam.

“There was one staff member who was failing to achieve a suitable level of customer service; poor customer service was the reason the business had been struggling before we took it over.

“Even though we weren't in the wrong, it cost us thousands of pounds just to challenge their claim.”

Since joining the Employment Law & HR Service, Adam says the business has turned to Mentor for help in managing a
range of issues, from poor attendance and sickness absences to improving attitudes among younger staff members.

“Mentor has been able to back us up - as long as you do as they advise, you are covered. Having that indemnity insurance offers us great peace of mind.”

Adam says that even though Mentor is a national company, the service you receive is always personal.

“We have had the same Mentor Health & Safety Consultant since we joined in 2008 and that continuity means they know our business,” he adds.

“They don't put us in a box. They're very down to earth and understand our business's needs. They're always a pleasure to work with and give us immediate and accurate information.”

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