Fraser Anti-Static

When Director Bob Fraser founded manufacturing firm Fraser Anti-Static Techniques in 1991, it had just two staff members making a range of products to solve the issue of static electricity in manufacturing processes.

The company has grown by an average of 25% annually for the past three years and now employs 27 people.

It’s also grown into three industrial units, including an office, laboratory, machine shops, production areas and storage. 

“Plastic bag manufacturers need to remove the static charge from their machinery, so we make products to neutralise the air so the bag comes out of the machine,” Office Manager Sarah Robinson explains.

“We joined Mentor in 2001 and as we’re doing more technical work, it was clear we needed people in-house who were trained in health & safety. 

Sarah turned to Mentor during the planning of the business’s latest expansion into new units for issues they had not previously considered, such as driving forklifts safely across the road between their units.

The business also subscribes to the Mentor Employment Law & HR service. “During a recent disciplinary case, Mentor held my hand throughout,” Sarah enthuses. “They were there every day to ensure we kept to the letter of the law. You need to look after your employees and your business 100%, and Mentor services have helped us do that.”

Mentor has helped Sarah to develop a bespoke management system for the business, and to create everything from new employment contracts to offer letters and medical questionnaires. MentorLive provides further support by making a range of guidance notes and template forms available online.

“These are great as you can manipulate them to look like your own documents,” Sarah says. “I use Mentor templates for pretty much everything now. We’re much more confident in what we’re doing.”

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