Fracino is a third generation family-run business which has achieved remarkable growth over the past five years by exporting high-end coffee machines around the world.

A devalued pound means coffee machine-maker Fracino is 30% more competitive against Italian and Spanish manufacturers and the business has seen exports grow from zero to 28% of its output in just five years. 

Its other growth strategy has been to bring as much manufacturing in-house as possible, which has led to investment in a new factory and machinery shop. 

“We doubled the number of staff to 46 and square footage to 48,000 sq. ft., but we soon found we did not have the structure we needed,” says Managing Director Adrian Maxwell.

Keep your records straight

“So six years ago we joined Mentor services, which provided the employment law and health & safety advice and support we needed.

“Mentor has helped us to put a whole system in place, from writing manuals and employment contracts to ensuring staff are adequately trained in health & safety. Using MentorLive also means that we can keep transparent employment records of all staff documentation.”

Senior staff have undergone additional health & safety training through the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) at Mentor’s recommendation. “These modules have helped us to develop our knowledge in key areas – from implementing risk assessments to applying health & safety procedures across the business,” Adrian explains.

Be a great place to work

“Good health & safety means a safer workforce and, therefore, less absenteeism. It means your team want to work with you, so you retain good staff. It also means we’re ready for inspections at any time.”

With employment law, transparency and record keeping are vital. “If we have any questions, we find the Mentor Telephone Advice Service is great,” says Adrian.

“You can access employment law advice 24 hours-a-day on any issue, from the times when it’s appropriate to have a sit-down talk with an employee to situations when you need to refer to disciplinary procedures. Mentor also offers employment law training for our managers. 

“We’re not a 9-5 business, and it’s invaluable to know that the telephone advice service is at the end of the phone to give us expert advice at any time.”

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