• Sectors
    Every sector has its own challenges

  • Serving your sector

    Every sector has its own challenges.

    Mentor could provide your business with targeted consultancy, advice and support you need for employment law, health & safety, and environmental management.

    You could subscribe to a service level of Mentor that suits your individual needs, from full consultancy and face-to-face support to advice over the phone.

    You could also talk to us about your need for protection, from litigators at Tribunal court to unexpected health & safety executive visits.

    How Mentor could help

    Whether it is safely managing large equipment on a farm, writing good contracts for part-time hospitality staff or preventing repetitive strain injuries in the office, Mentor has the expertise to help you get it right.

    We have the sector experience to provide support to your business in the following sectors: 

    • Agriculture

      20% of all UK accidents at work take place within this sector so you need to be protected.

    • Construction

      Keeping everyone safe on-site whilst dealing with high staff turnover are common issues within this sector. Mentor can help.

    • Education

      From Primary Schools to Universities, Mentor can support all organisations within this sector.

    • Healthcare

      Employing the correct people and ensuring safe operations are key within this sector. from dentists to care homes, Mentor can support you.

    • Hospitality & Leisure

      If high staff turnover, absenteeism and ensuring your employees have the right to work in the UK sound familiar, Mentor has the expertise to guide you through.

    • Logistics

      Ensuring your carbon footprint is at a minimum and that your staff are safe on the road are issues Mentor can support you with.

    • Manufacturing

      With the focus efficiency, Mentor have supported this sector with reducing energy spend and ensuring employees are safe at work.

    • Motor Trade

      In a sector which covers a diverse range of roles, employment law support is vital to everyday operations.

    • Not for Profit

      Mentor can deliver support to businesses within this sector allowing you to focus on your own service and support.

    • Professional & Offices

      Keeping employees safe through training and development are key within office environments. Mentor can support you.

    • Retail

      In this fast-paced environment you need to stay on top of the latest employment law & HR legislation. Mentor's team of consultants and advisors are ideally placed to support you whenever help is required.

    • Wholesale

      A high turnover of staff and keeping on top of risk in the workplace are just two common challenges affecting wholesale businesses. Mentor can help you.