Motor Trade

  • The motor trade employs people in a wide selection of roles, from sales clerk to mechanic. A common need, however, is for performance management.

    The sector sees a high level of injuries and deaths in the workplace, so health & safety is paramount, but managers must also negotiate the complexities of sales targets and contracts based on commissions. 

    How Mentor could help

    Mentor provides your motor trade business with the employment law advice, HR consultancy, employee training and environmental management advice and support required to help you manage these issues.

    This could also include help with:

    • Managing employment contracts and other documentation
    • Providing health & safety training
    • Dealing with staff disputes, grievances and discipline
    • Reducing your impact on the environment
    • Improving your business’ performance and efficiency

    Mentor knows the nuts and bolts of your sector and can provide a bespoke service suited to your requirements.