• Managing a transport and storage business means keeping on top of the latest changes to employment law and health & safety regulations in a sector that’s always on the go.

    Mentor could provide your logistics business with the employment law advice, HR consultancy, employee training and environmental management advice and support to keep things running smoothly.

    How Mentor could help

    Mentor could support you to:

    • Ensure employees have the right to work in the UK
    • Find and retain reliable workers
    • Develop robust employment and health & safety documentation
    • Provide training, such as safe driver courses
    • Maintain high standards of health & safety in your warehouse
    • Help you to lower your carbon footprint and saving you money

    Mentor Consultants know your sector and the unique challenges it poses, so whether you need face-to-face consultancy or out-of-hours expert advice over the phone, we could help, 24/7.