• Health & safety is paramount for agricultural businesses, as the sector accounts for just one in a hundred workers work in agriculture, but it accounts for one in five fatal injuries to workers. (

    Mentor could provide your agri-business with the expert advice and support you require to help keep your people safe.

    Mentor also offers employment law advice, HR consultancy, staff training and environmental management services, which help you comply with regulations and improve the performance of your business.

    How Mentor could help

    Mentor Services help you to manage issues such as:

    • A need to up-skill employees
    • Upkeep of health & safety and environmental documentation
    • Ensure your business’ impact on the environment is managed
    • Managing health & safety over large areas, for employees and visitors
    • To improve efficiencies 

    Agri-businesses face big challenges and your Mentor Consultant would spend time onsite getting to know your business and its unique needs. You are also provided with expert advice on the Mentor Advice Service phone line.

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